Make certain your sign investment lives long and performs to its full potential by using our maintenance and repair services. We can establish a regular maintenance schedule or respond in short notice to any wear and damage you may incur.

We manufacture all of our signs for a long lifespan but the time may come to give your image a facelift. Refurbishing does more than giving your signage a fresh start; it can save you a great deal of money and hassle. Refurbishing a sign can be more cost effective than replacing it, and, it can allow you to bypass permitting processes necessary if you order a new sign.

Tired of changing fluorescent lamps and expensive ballast? We can retro fit energy efficient LED’s into almost any sign!

Give us a call if your sign isn’t doing its job of attracting customers to your location. We will schedule a site analysis and provide a free estimate of what it would take to get it back on track: be it a repair, refurbishment or a complete replacement.